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Pick your gifts from the list below (you can choose the same item more than once). Once a gift has been purchased, this will be clearly displayed, so your guests can see what’s left.

Top tips:

  • Include a range of differently priced items, so that it’s affordable for all.
  • Include enough gifts for every person, couple or family who is likely to buy you one.
  • By including Gift Bundles you will raise more money for the world’s poorest women and girls.
  • Water



  • Shelter kit

    Shelter kit


  • Disease prevention kit

    Disease prevention kit


  • A goat

    A goat


  • Hygiene kit

    Hygiene kit


  • Baby bundle

    Baby bundle


  • Food for a family

    Food for a family


  • A breeding pair of goats

    A breeding pair of goats


  • Disaster preparedness workshop

    Disaster preparedness workshop


  • Emergency toilet

    Emergency toilet


  • A pig

    A pig


  • Classroom bundle

    Classroom bundle


  • Emergency bundle

    Emergency bundle


It’s time to put your own stamp on your gift list. Are you having a traditional, retro or whimsical wedding? Whatever your style, you’ll find a design and colour scheme to complement it below. And don’t forget that a bright, smiley photo of the happy couple will add a personal touch to your page.

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